Calculator for Distances between Geographical Locations

Note:This page requires that you have a browser that will run Java Script and not have it disabled.

Distances between
Three Locations

Enter the Latitudes and Longitudes of the three points in degrees, minutes and seconds of arc.

Location A--deg min sec
Latitude A    N/S
Longitude A E/W
Turn Point B --deg min sec
Latitude B    N/S
Longitude B E/W
Turn Point C--deg min sec
Latitude C   N/S
Longitude C E/W
Distance A-B km
Distance B-C km
Distance C-A km
Total Distance km

This calculation uses the ellipsoid of the Earth(flattened by 1 in 298 with an equatorial radius of 6378.14 km.

Location from Distance
and Bearing

Enter the Latitude and Longitude of the starting point, the distance (km) and bearing (degrees E of North) to another point.

Location--deg min sec
Latitude    N/S
Longitude E/W
Bearing (East of True North) degrees
Distance (km) kilometres
Destination:--deg min sec

This calculation uses spherical trigonometry but with the local radius of curvature of the Earth as determined by the ellipsoid of the Earth at the starting location. This calculation is OK for distances of 100's but not 1000's of kilometres.

Created by Larry Bogan,
April 1998 - Cambridge Station, Nova Scotia
July 2006 - Corrected error in longitude calculation with bearing and distance