Interesting Physical Phenomena while Travelling the Solar System

Minas Astronomy Group - June 11, 2005
Larry Bogan
EXAMPLE FLIGHT: Earth to Neptune - Transitions between orbits

	a. Overview (Energy Consideration)
		i) Earth to Earth Orbit (Rotation and Axis Tilt)
		ii) Earth to Planet (Sphere of Influence, Escape Velocity)
		iii) Earth to Intermediate Planet to Planet
		(Image of Orbits)

	b. Rendezvous with a Space Station 
		i) Co-orbital approach Dynamics of Catching Up with the Space Station
		ii) Concentric-orbit approach 	Dynamics of Intercepting the Space Station
		iii) Crossing Orbits and Rendezvous Cross_Orbit_Rendezvous

	c. Earth Orbit to 
		i) Neptune Transfer Orbit
		ii) Jupiter Transfer Orbit
		Details of Transfer Orbits - Direct and Gravity Asisted
	c. Gravity Assist Orbits
		i. Sphere of Influence 
			I) relative gravity
			II) Centrifugal Force in rotating frame
			III) Coriolis Force neglected 
		ii. Tissand's Criteria TC_orbits
		iii. Hyperbolic Orbit relative to Jupiter - Jupiter Vector Diagram at Sphere of Influence
		iv. Orbit relative to the Sun - Graphics Showing Geometry and Flyby Details

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