Aurora from Cambridge Station, Nova Scotia - November 2004

Larry Bogan
Kodak DX4900 Digital Camera
Wide Angle (7.3 mm f2.8)
exposures 8 and 16 seconds

Eight examples of 36 photos
All photos below are reduced to about 800 x 600 pixels to reduced file size
Originals are 2160 x 1440 Pixels
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An 8 sec exposure showing structure Nice rays at the zenith - note the Pleiades The lights extended far south at times - here shown below Orion in an 8 sec exposure
Clouds present in the north made for nice contrast The eye could only just notice the reds seen here.

For a period the most interesting structure was at the zenith as shown here The constellation Orion was in the SW at the time At their brightest, a 16 sec exposure was almost over exposed