Family Origins - Bogans and Crawford County, Ohio

  • The Bogan's of Crawford County
    Edgar, Chester, Raymond,  plus Daryl and Larry - abt.1944 The time-line of the Bogan's of Crawford County, Ohio, their origins in Europe and migration from Germany, to North America, and from Maryland, to Virgina, to Ohio and settlement in Crawford County.
  • Database containing my Family Tree.
    This infomation is presented using WebTree, a php program running on my webhost. There are two databases available
    (1) Bogan-Kehrer families of Crawford County, Ohio and
    (2) Davidson-Hall families of Montreal, Quebec.  To select the database, click on the Home icon at the top of the page.
  • -- At present (2014) the Bogan database has over 2000 persons in it. Some of the surnames of more recent families are Bogan, Pfahler, Smith, Van Voorhis, Cooper, Kunkel, Fetter, Schwab, Kehrer, Albright, Cook, Kester, Buchlacker, Wise, Volkmer, Liapply, Bauer, Siebert, Reber, and Plank. Several related families are included such as Crall, Baerkircher, Bryant, and others.
    -- The Davidson database traces the families back to Great Britain and includes Wilson, Hall, Bodfish and related families.
    Note: The software does not show living persons even though they are in the database. You must request a username and password to see this data - related persons only.
  • Great Grandkids of William Edgar Bogan and Jessie May Smith.  
    I have made a webpage concentrating on my second cousins who have these same great grandparents. The pages tell their story and links them to their families. 
  • My Family Wiki
    I have written small essays (stories) on individual families and generations of the families in my past. These link together the facts that are buried in the genealogical database listed below. The wiki format  makes for an easier to view the relationships and events of the Bogan, Kehrer, Reber, and Pfahler ancestry.  The wiki also includes maps, descendencies, pedigrees along with time lines. These are connected with hyperlinks.  Many of stories are improvements on ones written earlier and put on the Stories page.
  • Old Family Photos
    I have put up some of the older photos that I have inherited from my family. These include pictures of ancestors, some of their reunions, and some other images such as school cards and buildings related to the family.  Some of the images are used as portrait photos in the Database linked above.
  • Davidson Ancestors
    Pedigree of the Davidsons of Lachine, Quebec, Canada. This page shows the direct ancestors of the Rupert Davidson family. All of these ancestors came from the United Kingdom, mostly from Scotland and England. Names include Davidson, Hall, Bodfish, Wilson and others.
  • Old Bucyrus, Ohio Pictures - 1911
    Pictures of city buildings from the Advertising Book produced by "The Bucyrus Industrial Association" of Bucyrus, Ohio in 1911.
  • Crawford County, Ohio -Farm Plat Book Maps and Indices
    Crawford County, Ohio, Farm Plat Book and Index of Owners Distributed and Sponsored byt the Peoples Savings and Loan Company. The date of publication is unknown but after 1963 (zipcodes introduced) and before about 1972. Note the owner index pages are graphical and not ascii (not searchable) and have a lot of detail so the files are relatively large - about - 450 kB for each. (In the future, I hope to OCR the indices.)



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