Solar-Wood Heated Home

Our home for 35 years is a self-designed and built building that is heated by solar radiation and a wood stove. Description of this building is on my Solar Home Page

Some Observation of Needed Conservation

On the border of the Counties of Kings and Annapolis is a large area of Crown Land. With in that area is the Cloud Lake Wilderness Area .. a popular place to canoe, hike, birdwatch and enjoy many outdoor activities. Fortunately, this area along with more than thirty others in Nova Scotia have been set aside as Protected Wilderness areas. For more information about those areas go to . For Cloud Lake the link is

All Terrain Vehicles do damage in the environment. An example is shown here as pictures before and after some travelled on wet terrain on private property.   ATV's at Cape Split 1999  Fortunately since 1999, the province has passed an Off-Highway Vehicles act that restricts ATV's from traveling on park and private land without permission. They are also restricted from Wilderness protected areas. See

The Area north of Stanley, Nova Scotia is an area of forests uncut by public highways and at one time was a model of healthy forests. More recently, clear cutting has been the management practice with the forests paying the price.
Aerial Views of Clear Cuts in Hants County

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