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Old Bogan Pics

These images are of the Bogans of Crawford County Ohio from the early 20th century. Prominent are William Edgar and Jessie May Bogan and their descendents.

Group of men at the Bogan reunion in 1954 on the lawn of the North Robinson Ohio school. This was the last that Edgar and Jessie Bogan attended.
The Edgar and Bessie Bogan children. From left to right: Ray, Chester, Edna, Paul, Arthur
Edgar and Jessie Bogan at the 1954 Bogan family reunion.
William Edgar Bogan as a young man. Probably High School Graduation about 1891. | Comments: 1
Bogan women at the 1954 family reunion held on the lawn of the North Robinson school. Jessie was 79 in this photo and lived for three more years.
Henry Harrison Bogan family photo. This was taken before 1913 when Henry Harrison died. This is the best picture of Leah Ann Kunkle, that I have.
Ivan and Blanch (Pfahler) Bogan in front of Anona and Chesters home in North Robinson
Jessie May Smith as a young woman. Probably her school graduation picture. About 1893.
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