The Bogan's of Crawford County, Ohio
18th and 19th century
In Germany, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Indiana then Ohio

The US Census shows that there were no Bogans in Crawford County, Ohio prior to 1850. To the best of my knowledge all the Bogans from that area are decendents of John Henry Bogen who arrived there with his family in 1848. The Bogan name was passed on in the County through three sons, Samuel, Joseph and John. I am a descendent of Joseph L. Bogen.

Ancestors of L.Bogan
- Father's Side -
Ancestors of L.Bogan
- Mother's Side -

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Time Line:
John Nicholas Andreas Bogen, first ancestor to come to North America from Germany
John Henry Bogen, Crawford-County-Bogan's patriarch and
Joseph L., Samuel Bogen and John W. Bogen sons of John Henry lived in Crawford County

1756 or 1757 Johanne Nicolas Andaes Bogen born in Hesse - Darmstadt (Germany)
1776 or 78 Nicolas Bogen joins the Erbprinz Regiment - "Hessian" army to fight on the British side in the American Revolution
1781 British and Hessians captured by Americans at Yorktown, VA (Oct)
J.N.A. Bogen incarcerated at Fredrick, Maryland (Nov)
1783 J.N.A. Bogen discharged and stays in Frederick, MD (June)
Dr. J.N.A. Bogan is listed as a physician in Frederick, Maryland
(aka Johann Nicholas Andraes Bogen)
1784 Dec 7 - "Anthony Frederick Bogern [Bogen] married Mary Koontz"
(aka Johann Friedreich and Amalia Magdalena Koontz)
1785 John Henry Bogen born (26 Dec) to
Johann Friderich Nicolas Andreas Bogen and wife Amalia Magdalena
Christening of children of Johann Friderick and Amalia Bogen
Johann Heinrich Bogen (8 Jan) AKA John Henry
Catharina Elisabeth Bogen
Johann Frederick Thomas Bogen
Catharina Bogen
Fridericke Bogen
Carolina Bogen
all at the Lutheran Evangelical Church, Frederick Co, Maryland
~1805 John H practices medicine for a living
1811 Nov 29 - John Henry Bogen (of Petersburg, PA - now Littlestown, PA) marries Margaret Lind (aka Lynd) - Frederick Co, MD
1814 Eleanor Bogen, first child of John H. and Margaret Bogen born in Pennsylvania (Feb)
1816 Samuel Bogen born to John H. and Margaret - Frederick Co, MD
(the Census' gives Samuel's birth place as Maryland however in HCCO1881*, his biography say Gettysburg, PA)
1818 Joseph L born to John H and Margaret Bogen (19 Oct)
Joseph is christened in Evangelical Lutheran Church in Carlisle, PA
1819 J.N.A. Bogen dies in Carlisle, PA (17 Oct)
1820 May - Amalia (called Margaret) Bogen dies in Frederick, MD
Oct - Carolina Bogen marries Willam R. Elvin of New Market, MD
John H. and his family are in Waterford, VA (US Census)
Children born to John H. and Margaret Bogen in Virginia
son John W born (12 Feb)
daughter Caroline born
daughter Susan E. born
1830 John H purchases 4 acres of land (for $191) in Loudoun Co, just west of Lovettsville, VA
about 1835 John H and family move to Stark Co, Ohio
1838 12 Nov - Samuel marries Charlotte Bowers (of Stark Co)
29 Nov - Eleanor marries Laman Haines (of Stark Co)
1839 Joseph L marries Margaret Carnes (born Scotland)
1840 John H and all of his families move to Clarendon Twp., Marion Co, Ohio
This includes Samuel, Joseph, and Eleanor and their spouses
1847 Joseph L and family moves to Indiana (Lagrange County)
He and his family listed in the 1850 US Census as in Eden Twp.
1848 John H with Samuel and their families move to Whetstone Twp, Crawford Co, Ohio
Each purchases about ~100 acres North of the small town of North Robinson. (Map for 1855)
John H., Samuel, and John W. are listed in the 1850 US Census for Crawford County
~1855 Joseph L and family join Bogans in Ohio, settles in Jefferson Twp, Crawford Co, Ohio
He buys and clears 100+ acres East of North Robinson (Map for 1855)
1856 Susan E. marries Jeremiah Correll (10 Jan)
1857 Caroline marries Gilbert G Hall (5 Nov)
1858 John H (age 72) dies and is buried in plot A27 of the Oakwood Cemetery, Bucyrus, Ohio
His farm on the Mansfield road is sold
1860 Margaret is living in Claridon Twp., Marion County, Ohio with eldest daughter Elenor Haines (US Census)
1868 Margaret dies and is buried with John H.
1871 John W (age 48) marries Candace Ferrall (18 Oct)- last child of John Henry to get married
after 1880 In 1880's the Bogan Clan has proliferated in Crawford County
The living grandchildren of John Henry are:
- from Eleanor & Laman C Haines: four children
  • 2 male (Monroe W Haines, Columbus L Haines)
  • 2 female (Francis E Marchant, Martha Huffman)
- from Samuel Bogen & Charlotte Bowers: ten children
  • 3 male (Slyvester, Emmanuel, William Silas)
  • 7 female (Emeline Heckert, Martha Weller, Selinda Caskey, Amelia -, Mary E Gelbaugh, Sarah A Sheldon, Catherine Scheckler, Tabitha Eicher)
- from Joseph L Bogan & Mary Carnes: ten children
  • 7 male (John Andrew, William Lemon, Henry Harrison, George W, Jefferson L, Joseph Monroe, Samuel J)
  • 3 female (Ephelia M Mckanna, Mary E McClintock, Sara Jane Over)
- from John W Bogan & Candace Ferrall: three children
  • 2 male (Harry J, William R)
  • 1 female (Cora E Harris)
- from Caroline & Gilert Hall: two children (in Cheery Twp, Mongomery Co, Kansas 1880)
  • Andaville
  • Margaret G
- from Susan & Jeremiah Correll #: six children
  • 3 male (John F, William W, Monroe E)
  • 3 female (Cora E -, Ethel E Odeffer, Jennie D Omweg)

#(Jeremiah Correll was a grandson of John Lind and cousin of Susan)

Bogan versus Bogen

There is a lack of consistency as to whether the 18th and early 19th century families spelled their name with -an or -en. From census to census, in 1850, 1860, 1970, families switch between the two spellings.

John H and Samuel seemed to prefer the Bogen form. The monument to John H in the Oakwood cemetery in Bucyrus, Ohio spells the name Bogen. Joseph L seemed to prefer Bogan and his monument in the same cemetery has that spelling. After these years the name was consistantly Bogan in Crawford county.

*HCCO1881 = "History of Crawford County, Ohio 1881"

Researched and Compiled by Larry Bogan Apr. 2002 - modified Dec 2004, Apr 2005, Dec 2005, Jan 2015
The information in this page is as accurate as the records I could access, but is not complete. I will add and correct the information when it is available to me. Emphasis has been placed on getting as much information as possible on the generations of Bogans in Crawford County from 1848 through 1900.


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