These pages were created to provide information for my 2nd Cousins descended from W. Edgar and Jessie M. (Smith) Bogan, who lived their entire lives in the small village of North Robinson, Ohio from 1870s to the 1950s.
I am their oldest great grandson at 82 years old and all the other g-g-children are aging. At the urging of Edgar and Jessie's oldest great grand-daughter, we would like to gather the g-g-children together to remember our heritage.


Who Were Edgar and Jessie Bogan ?

William Edgar Bogan, or Ed (as he was called) Bogan lived in North Robinson and was laborer and foreman of a sawmill operating south of the rail tracks on Main Street (west side). He was at that job for 50 years, from 1891 to 1941 when he retired. In the 1920's, for a few years he owned and operated a store in North Robinson. He married Jessie May Smith in 1893. Their first child was Edna born
in 1894, then four boys were born: Chester (b: 1896), Arthur (b:1898), Paul (b:1906), and Ray
(b:1908). Ed passed away in August of 1955 and Jessie in July of 1957 both while living in their home in North Robinson. 

Some of the Ancestry of these two is given on the Ancestry Page

The Children of J&E Bogan

Edna Irene Bogan  married Ray Bair who was a grocer in North Robinson and School Bus driver.Ray died in 1950 and Edna continuted to live in North Robinson to nearly her 95th birdday in 1989. They had one child, Evelyn born in 1912, who married George Loren Pfahler..

Chester Harrison Bogan married Anona Pfahler (sister to George Loren)  in 1916 and the two settled down in North Robinson, OH.Chester worked at the sawmill where his father was manager and later at the tile mill located at the same site. He later worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad and also as Janitor at the local school. He converted an old school into a house and that was their home for the rest of their
lives. He gradually improved it adding running water, a full basement, and central heating.
The two raised five children Raymond (b:1917), Irene (b:1919), Glenn (b:1922), Donald
(b:1924) and Kenneth (b:1935).  Chester died in 1986 at almost 90 while Anona lived on to be nearly 99 in 1996.  

Arthur Alvin Bogan married Gladys Frost in 1919. He worked in the sawmill in North Robinson
and became a skilled woodworker. The family lived in North Robinson and had two boys,
Myron (Bing) and Robert (Bob) Bogan. Gladys died in 1969 but Arthur lived as a widower for
30 more years and died in 1999 at the age of 101.

Paul Leslie Bogan married Lois Morton in Crawford County in 1925 but took up the occupation
of salesman for an electrical company in Lucasville, OH. They had three children Doris (b 1926), William Fraklin (b 1928) and Richard L (b1930). Paul died in 1975 and Lois in 1996 at the age of 91.

Ray Franklin Bogan married Evelyn Reichelderfer in 1929 and the family lived in Cridersville, Ohio.
They had two girls, Marilyn (b 1929) and Betty Joan (b 1932). Ray died in 1973 and Eveyln in 1991.

Grand Children of J&E Bogan

At this date (2022) almost all of the grandchildren of J&E Bogan have passed away. Only Irene Coon (now 102) daughter of Chester is still living in Ohio..

2nd Cousins or Great Grandchildren of J&E Bogan

I have tallied the names of these relatives who are now scattered all over North America and that information is on the 2nd Cousins Page


Published on  24.08.2022