List of Photos in the booklet "Beautiful Bucyrus"
"Views in Bucyrus 1911"

There are 31 pages of old pictures of Bucyrus buildings in this book. Many pages have more than one picture per pages making a total of 55 pictures linked below. The book was produced by "The Bucyrus Industrial Association" of Bucyrus, Ohio in 1911. I have scanned the pages at 300 dpi but have reduced their sizes here to keep the file sizes reasonable. If you would like to have a higher resolution copy of any of these images, contact me at . Select the links in the table below. The images will replace this table -- use the back arrow to return to this page.
There is a short text to the booklet which is a promotion for the Bucyrus of 1911. It makes for interesting reading. Booklet Text
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Page Picture Title and Link
Frontice - Trolley Map - Sandusky to Portsmouth, OH
1 - Public Square
2 - Crawford County Court House
- Public Library
3 - Fire Department
- Y.M.C.A.
4 - High School
- Holy Trinity Parochial School
5- North, East and West Side Schools
6 - Bucyrus public Hospital
- Crawford County Hospital
7 - Hotel Royal
- Second National Bank
8 - Residence Section and Parks of Bucyrus
9 - Sandusky Avenue, North from Square
10 - Sandusky Avenue, South from Square
11- A Group of Bucyrus Churches
(Holy Trinity, Baptist, German Reform St. Pauls Luthern, Evangelical, and First Presbyterian Church)
12 - A Group of Bucyrus Churches
(German Luthern, United Brethren, Church of Christ, German Methodist Episcopal, and First Methodist Episcopal Church)
13 - Toledo and Ohio Central Railroad Shops
14 - Toledo and Ohio Central Passenger Station
- Pennsylvania Passenger Station and Freight Depot
15 - Plant of American Clay Machinery Co. - Bucyrus, Ohio
16 - Plant of American Clay Machinery Co.- Willoughby, Ohio
17 - Dostal Bothers Brewery
- Van Loosen Multi-color Printing Press Works
18 - Carroll Foundry and Machine Shops
19 - Plant of the C. Roehr Company at Bucyrus, Ohio
20 - The Company's Sawmill at Bucyrus, Ohio,
which is run in connnection with their Trim Plant.
21- Bucyrus Steel Castings Co.
22- Waterworks Power House, Bucyrus Development Co.
- Sommer Motor Company Machine Shop (interior)
23 - McCormack Bending Co.
- Shunk Plow Co.
24 - Ryder Brass Foundry
- Bucyrus Copper Kettle Works
25 - Power House Bucyrus Electric Light and Power Co. (BELPC)
- Dynamos (BELPC)
26 - Switchboard (BELPC)
- Arc LIght Switchboard (BELPC)
27- Valparaiso Grain and Elevator Co.
- E.G. Reid's Grain Elevator
28- Colter & Co. Lumber Mills and Yards
- Zeigler & Co. Flour Mills
29- The Kelly Grave Vault Co.
30- H.A. Paxton Garage
- Bucyrus Cycle and Auto Co.
31- Holloway Garage and Taxi-Cab Service
- New York Blower Co.