Emanuel Deardorff1805

Emanuel Deardorff
Given names
Birth November 6, 1805
Death of a fatherJacob Deardorff
about 1809 (Age 3 years)
MarriageElizabeth HowenstineView this family
March 13, 1828 (Age 22 years)
Ran a Tannery on West Mansfield Street
1828 (Age 22 years)
Moved from Cumberland Co, PA to
June 1828 (Age 22 years)
Birth of a daughter
Martha Deardorff
1841 (Age 35 years)

Farmer with 200 Acres
1852 (Age 46 years)
Marriage of a childSylvester BoganMartha DeardorffView this family
November 4, 1868 (Age 62 years)
Death of a daughterMartha Deardorff
January 21, 1911 (Age 105 years)

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Family with Elizabeth Howenstine - View this family
Marriage: March 13, 1828Pennsylvania
14 years

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From "HCCO1881"

EMANUEL DEARDORFF. Bucyrus (whose portrait appears in this work, and that of his deceased wife also). is the son of .Jacob and Barbara (Myers) Deardorff and was born Nov. 6, 1805, in York Co., Penn. He removed with his father to Cumberland Co, when but 2 years old. Two years later his father died. and he lived on a farm with his uncle for ten years, when he commenced working be the month. He continued at this for two years, and, in his 17th year, went intp a tannery owned by James Davidson, and served an apprenticeship of three and a half years. He then worked in Philadelphia for one year. and also at other points. In the fall of 1827, in company with his brother-in-law, George: Myers, he came to this county in a wagon drawn by one horse, and at Pittsburgh, owing to the roads, they had to leave their bedding. On their arrival here, he bought 38 acres of land at $10 per acre, and started a tannery. He then returned to Pennsylvania, and, on March 13, 1828, he married Elizabeth Howenstine, of Cumberland Co. In the June following they started with a team for his new home in this county, and arrived here after a journey of fifteen days, and settled on West Mansfield street, where his tannery was situated. Here he lived, and continued his business until 1852, when he sold out. and engaged in running a steam saw-mill for the next eight years. He then traded for 200 acres of land in Whetstone Township, and engaged in farming for ten years. In 1870, he came to Bucyrus, where he has since lived in retirement from business. His wife died in June, 1867, and, while on a visit to Pennsylvania in 1869, he was married to Miss Catharine Scoby, of Carlisle. Eleven children are living of the first marriage-Eliza, now Mrs. Wise, of Bucyrus ; John, a miner of California ; Jacob (see sketch) ; Ellen, now Mrs. Dumbaugh, of Marion; Rebecca, of Bucyrus; Christopher and Alexander, of Portland, Ore.; Mrs. Martha Bogun, of this county; Barbara, at home ; George. stone-cutter, of Bucyrus, and Mary. Mr. Deardorff is a member of the Lutheran Church. He was a Democrat until the days of Fremont, since which time he has been a Republican. They were two of the old pioneers of Crawford Co., whose names will ever be licked with the early history, hardships and privations so little known and feebly comprehended by the present generation. Mrs. Deardorff, who has gone forever from the scenes of so many trials and heartaches, is still remembered by her children and friends as a lady whose portrait is in every way worthy to grace the pages of this tale of the pioneers. Mr. Deardorff still resides in Bucyrus, where he is well known as an old and honored citizen, whose name and reputation are above reproach.